Dhyana Ashram community is happy to announce the release of the new book on Interfaith dialogue by the initiative of Fr. Anand Amaladass. 5 Hindus, 5 Muslims and 5 Christians have expressed their experience with the people of other faith. Palaniyappa Brothers, Chennai has published it. you are welcome to discover the message behind this publication.

One may perceive intolerance at one level but there are other ways of perceiving the reality around us. This book gives a glimpse of what is happening around us in spite of many incongruous things.

This book is a short lexicon of 101 concepts related to religion and culture. It is meant to be a quick reference book for students and teachers for themes like what is pluralism, sacrament, Hinduism, buddhism, Quran etc. It was prepared by 80 professors in Germany and now it is translated into Tamil by Anand Amaladass. The Media Centre by the Salesians in Trichy has published the book. .